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« il: 15 Novembre 2017, 14:57:23 »
salve sul sito modhub giants i realismus hanno rilasciato una nuova release della seasons. hanno sistemato alcuni bugs della precedente 1.2.0
posto anche tutte le info circa le versioni rilasciate
Release notes
The release notes contain the changed made in every version after the initial release.

Version 1.2.1
Version 1.2.0
Version 1.1.0
Version 1.0.0
Version 1.2.1
Released on November 15th

This version is 100% compatible with save games created with earlier versions of Seasons. To play Seasons 1.2 and higher you need at least version 1.5.1 of Farming Simulator 2017.

Fixed bug with repair costs for machinery with high operating hours.
Nights were too short and dawn too early, that is now rectified.
Sell price of placeables can’t go above buy price anymore.
Texts in Skip Night dialog are now correct.
Cost of repairs for forestry equipment improved.
The Wopstr is now more sensitive.
Version 1.2.0
Released on November 9th

This version is 100% compatible with save games created with earlier versions of Seasons. To play Seasons 1.2 and higher you need at least version 1.5.1 of Farming Simulator 2017.

New features
Added a ground wetness model.
Added a measurement tool to get information on trees, bales, crops and more.
Added economy information in the Seasons menu, with historic data for a year.
Animal production is made dependent on the average productivity over time.
Machinery does not become dirty when the ground is frozen.
Skip Night can skip to either morning or dawn.
Skip Night works in multiplayer now too.
Fixed bug in repair cost for old machinery.
Fixed economy factors on fruits and animals, now correct.
Fixed edge case bugs when dealing with new fruits.
Fixed Esc GUI showing the repair interval wrongly.
Fixed growth debug console commands which stopped working in 1.1.
Updated text in manual about grass bales.
Vehicle demo did not account for configurations in sell price.
Added check for density map sizes.
Better handling of fruits in growth file that aren’t in the map.
Better model for snow melting.
Forecast and day information is now sharper and better aligned.
Game difficulty no longer affects crop moisture.
General code refactor and improvements.
Increased performance when loading game.
Loan cap is now 80% of equity instead of 30%.
Potatoes and sugar beets can be harvested when crop is wet.
Repair factors for conveyors and front loaders added.
Sell price decrease of machinery made more consistent with increase in repair cost (functions of age and operatingTime).
Straw and hay bale prices are brought back to vanilla level, while silage bale prices are lowered to be more in line with the hay bale price.
Upkeep of pigs has been reduced and birthrate has been increased (i.e. improved profitability).
Added warning about fruit density layers not being same size as terrain.
Alpha Blending of tree billboard is now turned off by default. See the guide
The 4Real Module Crop Destruction patch has been removed, as Giants fixed the mod.
To play Seasons 1.2 you need at least version 1.5.1 of Farming Simulator 2017.
Version 1.1.0
Released on July 26th

This version is 100% compatible with save games created with Mod Contest version of Seasons.

New features
Added debug console commands for vehicle repair and fruit growth manipulation.
Added longer seasons (up to 24 days per season).
Added new system for script-less GEO mods.
Added texture replacement for shapes with multiple materials.
Grass rots in tippers, just like grass bales.
New visual seasons algorithm depending on weather and latitude.
Straw and hay now rots in tippers, just like bales (during rain).
Improvements / Changes
Added adjusted and better textures by KimG and BulletBill.
Adjusted distance limits for tree growth.
Adjusted normalization of bale rotting.
Adjusted pigs to give birth both in autumn and in spring (used to be only in spring).
General code improvements.
Improved growth for winter crops (limited to stage 2 in autumn mostly for visual purposes).
Reduced time for free demo of vehicles to 30 min (only works for base configuration vehicles & equipment).
Repairs are required at least once a year, instead of twice.
German translation had an error regarding germination temperatures.
Germination didn’t work properly after fast forwarding through multiple transitions.
Grass sometimes did not regrow in spring after the first year.
Grass was wrongly removed around the edge of a field when using a cultivator.
Hail never showed in multiplayer for already joined players.
Hay bales did not rot.
Low HP machines with high maintenance had insane repair costs.
Snow tracks couldn’t be disabled.
Snow was not removed under vehicles, bales and pallets.
Snowmask not properly generated for placeables after load of savegame.
Train storage silo fees were not adjusted.
Upkeep of animals was not adjusted and normalized per year.
Weather was unnecessarily reset when changing settings.
Version 1.0.0
Released on June 9th
link download
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